Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sea of Vines

This evening I walked through the east part of our vegetable garden and was amazed that I could barely see the earth due to the sea of vines created by both the melon and squash plants. 

This sea was punctuated by an occasional tomato or pepper plant.  I set up some tomato cages, pulled some weeds and marveled at the height of the corn in my 3 Sisters mounds. 

This corn was barely shin high just one week prior and now it towered over my head.  For the first year, our garden was the effort of all members.  The littlest gardener loves to weed and water, the older children helped with planting and mulching (and tickling!) and my husband (mainly) and I did the design and the heavy work.  Our Purple Jasper tomatoes are ripening and I was able to pick a few tonight, along with very large cucumbers that I swear were not in the garden yesterday!
One of my daughters used her butterfly net to gather the Mexican Sour Gherkins.  If you haven't tried these petite members of the cucumber family, you must--they are easy to grow and taste as if they were pickled on the vine.
I hope you're enjoying the harvest in your garden!

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