Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tickling Tomato Plants

We love tomatoes.  We have planted them in the main garden, the children's garden, the fairy flower garden, in pots and soon they will also become some of the edible landscaping in front of the house.  We have several varieties, mostly heirloom, and this year will be our first attempt at seed saving.  I recently read "Gardening by the Inch", published by Rodale Inc, in which the authors suggested "tickling" tomato plants "to help them grow strong and stocky!"  Leggy is not an attribute I strive for when it comes to tomato gardening.

Tickling the tomato plants is also (another) great way to involve my kids in tending to the garden, as they are just the right height to help me.

I am hoping for strong, stocky tomato plants with great roots.

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