Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Rituals of Spring

Every year, I look forward to the opening of our local farmers' market.  Although my family has a large garden, there are some things that we don't grow and look to local vendors to provide.
I can always count on a great selection of herbs for pots, gifts and planting with my tomatoes.
I am spoiled by our delicious local honey and maple syrup (even grade C, my family's favorite) and hope that we can tap our own sugar maples next spring.
This weekend also included a lot of progress in our garden with many new leaves on our red raspberry bushes.
We added apple trees to the orchard.
We burn our leaves, twigs, and other brush in the garden so that the ashes can be mixed in to our garden soil.
Our ever busy chicken yard--that's a Polish hen at the entrance of the chicken coop.

A broody hen in a nesting box.

Peas ready for planting.

Many thanks to Seeds of Change and Rick Bayless for their Sowing Millions Project in which they offered free organic seeds to many gardeners earlier this year.  I am so excited to grow and taste these new lettuces!  Hopefully, I can keep our chickens out of the garden....
My favorite way to water our plants.

Homemade garden art in the form of trimmings from our grapevine that I placed on a trellis in the childrens' garden.  I am hoping that morning glories and pea plants will travel up this trellis and provide my kids with a snack and some beauty during their busy days in the garden.

What spring rituals are you and your loved ones enjoying?  Happy Spring!


  1. I love this! I love the idea of using natural vines and branches for garden trellises. Beautiful!

  2. Love your chickens. We just have the 2, but then we only have half an acre and a lot of that is the front garden. Ours are hybrids - a Black Rock and a Colombian Blacktail, and really, they're pets, with benefits.

  3. Thank you. The grapevine was inspired by a friend's front door.
    We keep adding different breeds of chickens--this is our 3rd summer with them.