Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Store Bought Asparagus,

Nearly two years ago, I spent my Mother's Day digging trenches while incredibly pregnant with my 3rd child.  So pregnant that the next day, a daughter was welcomed to this world.  Back to the trenches.  These trenches were dug to plant asparagus--Purple Passion asparagus, as found here

I have waited patiently to taste this asparagus.  I have watched it grow and then become a beautiful fern-like plant in my garden, while only weeding, watering, and composting around the asparagus.  My wait ended tonight, when I harvested the first 10 spears and steamed them.  My family devoured them.  These fresh-from-the-garden spears have a sweetness that their well traveled counterparts can't deliver.
And so I say to you, Store Bought Asparagus, that we must part ways.  It's not me, it's you and I have found another. 
Sincerely, Me

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