Monday, March 5, 2012

in the mail ~ seed+art

My seed order arrived from Hudson Valley Seed Library today.  I had to share its' beauty:
Isn't she radiant?

It's important to me to wisely spend our money to support businesses that have similar values to my family's.  I splurged on two of the "art packs" and can't wait to frame them for our kitchen.

For the seeds that will not be sown directly once things warm up (a lot), they will join those seeds we saved and taken to Kelly, our local greenhouse owner for starting.

I welcome the arrival of spring--the return of our lovely garlic chives, our asparagus, and our black raspberries.  I am not wishing for spring to arrive earlier than it should as I am busy with a new seasonal task--that of making our own maple syrup from the trees that grace our land.

I hope that you will visit the Hudson Valley Seed Library website (or in person--that would make a great field trip!) and enjoy the art and variety of seeds.

What new garden resources have you found?


  1. Yes, what gorgeous seed packets!! We had our local Seedy Saturday yesterday and it was a delight to be surrounded by people who value seeds, local food and gardens.

    1. I would love to have a Seedy Saturday in our town! We are awaiting the local county extension plant sale to replace the berry bushes cut down by our friendly utility company--somehow they saw fit to cut down the wild black raspberry bushes which reach about 3 feet tall as they must have threatened the power towers which stand 3 STORIES tall. Go figure.