Saturday, February 4, 2012

Uncommon Weather

I am usually not one to complain of mild temperatures.  I enjoy the winter daylight and being able to take photographs of objects that would be otherwise snow-covered.

Darth Vader and his hens.
 I am sure that the chickens enjoy free ranging during a time where normally, we do all we can to keep them warm.


We have done a lot to prepare for this winter, which was forecasted to be quite severe.

My concern, as I surveyed the fruit trees in our orchard and children's garden, was--do they think that Spring will soon arrive?

2011 planting in apple orchard.

How is winter treating you?


  1. It is strange ~ but nice....just a really long Spring!! Lets just pray that we don't have a frost to kill those pretty buds you photographed so beautifully!

  2. Beautiful photos! We are having a "real" winter here with lots of snow :)
    P.S. I love your rooster's name. Too funny!

  3. Thanks for sharing your loving list with me yesterday. I hope your little orchard makes it. Fingers crossed!

  4. Your photos are beautiful!

    yes, it has been a strange winter. I am worried about our trees for the same reason:(

    Hope you are having a lovely evening! ~ barefoot mama

  5. Thank you for your comment! i love that shawl! I would love to see photos of yours as well! I want to do a larger project, but I'm afraid I'm not fast enough or skilled enough yet...

    As far as winter, it is very mild here in Pittsburgh too. I noticed that my bulbs are already up, and I'm sure that's not good if we get a big frost...

  6. I came over to see your moment and got this...which I thoroughly enjoyed it. We've been unseasonably warm but they are finally calling for winter weather next week. Yea! Have a great weekend!