Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Finally, warm temperatures and sunshine are here.  With the exception of the perennials, our garden design changes every year to best grow our plants and maintain healthy soil. 
Newpaper and moldy straw keep help with moisture and weeds.
Last year, we used a mulching system in our garden inspired by this book, a book that truly changed my way of looking at food, gardening, and saying "yes" to raising our own chickens.  I am still mulching this vast garden of ours, just taking a break from the heat during lunch to share some views from our garden and coop.
Napoleon, who may be one of our smallest roosters, but he has such a presence.
What once was an asparagus spear...

Some of our chickens trying to stay cool in the shade of the coop.
A June-bearing strawberry plant.

Sweet peas climbing up our lovely grapevine trellis.

Garlic chives getting ready to flower.

Where do your garden inspirations come from?

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